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  • Having Trouble Making Your Department's Budget Last?
  • Sure Fire Recovery Services Can Help!
  • We Guarantee That If You Follow Our Simple System, You Will Add Revenue to your Budget.
  • Along With Our Sister Company, We Collected Over $3.5 Million Dollars Last Year For Departments Across the Country.
  • We Are a Firefighter Family Owned and Operated Business. (We Don't Get Paid Unless You Do!)
  • Our Record Speaks for Itself, No High Pressure Sales, Simply Request More Information Below.

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Our Story

As family of a volunteer firefighters for over 25 years, we've seen departments struggle to survive due to dwindling membership and failed fundraising efforts.


By mid-year all allotted funds from the municipalities are exhausted and budgets have to be strictly enforced. All hopes of purchasing new equipment are lost. We are here to protect the community, but sadly don't usually have the funds to equip our team.


This in mind, a number of years ago, we decided to team up with our family at PA Fire Recovery Service. In 2020, Sure Fire Recovery along with PAFRS collected over 3.5 million dollars for fire departments across the country. This money helped make departments equipment "wish list" a reality!


We now have the honor of working with over 900 fire departments in the Northeast and are now serving departments in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, Florida and Kentucky. We are a family of firefighters working for firefighters!

See What Others are Saying About SFRS!

My fire department just started using this company...and the limited time that we have been on has been so easy and a night and day differnce from our old billing company.

Brandon WagnerBrandon WagnerWichita Mountain Estates VFD, Oklahoma

SFRS worked with me to make sure reporting our incidents was a simple, easy process. All we had to is submit the incidents and wait for payment. The process couldn't be easier! 

Alfred PointAlfred PointDouglassville, Texas

"Fantastic service. Highly recommend. Has saved me so much time administratively, If you have any concerns regarding their service, feel free to message me."

Jeffrey MooreJeffrey MooreF.A.I.C., Oklahoma

Since I'm promoting some great people today, I would also like to get Geoff from Sure Fire Recovery a shout out. They handle all our non-member fires as well as any accidents we have on our highways. Great family to deal with, so if your dept is looking for a quality third party billing agency that won't take advantage of your dept, I would give him a call. Geoff is the president and owner and has a true heart to help any fire dept in need of their services. Would like to give Geoff a shout out and thank him for his services to Preston Volunteer Fire Dept. 2

Brian BennettBrian BennettPreston, MO, VFD

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Why Bill?

These days, a fire department's job to protect the community is a tall order. You need money to buy the proper equipment and outfit your team. However, budgets are being sacrificed due to cutbacks and fundraising is harder than ever. Equipment prices have skyrocketed on everything from IR Cameras to Ariel ladders, making each department struggle to stay afloat.

Here's a simple, effective, guaranteed solution that will bring in additional funds. When the citizens and businesses in your district pay premiums to insurance companies that include Fire Department services-capitalize on it.

How It Works...

Prior to the start of billing, we work with you to set up a customized price list to establish rates for your specific equipment and materials.

We then request copies of each report, which can be submitted online through our website, reports can also be submitted via fax, email or US Mail. After receiving your incident report’s we generate a bill and submit it to the appropriate insurance company. Most times, we have to send the bill two and three times and follow-up with phone calls on our end... it is our job to fight for you!

When payments from insurance companies are received, we post them to a “real time” billing log to which you will have access. Each month you will receive a monthly statement, copies of the checks SFRS has received for your department and a check for your department for the month.

We work within your guidelines or departmental by-laws.

Did You Know We...


  •  Specialize in assisting first-time departments.
  •  Are firefighter family owned and operated.
  •  Have a staggering 49.1% collection rate.
  •  Have the highest average collection rate in the industry of over $980 per incident collected.
  •  We are an affiliate of the largest fire recovery service on the East Coast of the US.
  •  Offer ordinance/resolution consultations to the cities, and counties of our departments.
  •  We Return all phone calls within 48 hours.
  •  Our Guarantee: If you contract with us, follow our program, we will add revenue to your budget.

Above all else, we are firefighters helping firefighters!

Yes!  I would like more information about how SFRS can add money to my department!

Please provide us with your contact information and any comments or questions you may have for us. We look forward to talking with you!


Thank You & Stay Safe, 

Geoffrey Smith

SFRS President




Best Way to Contact You?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start with SFRS?NOTHING!

What does it cost per report submitted?There is absolutely no charge until we recover money for your department.

Will this change our department's tax exempt status?No. There will be no change in your tax exempt status.

We've never billed... is getting started difficult?We specialize in Departments that are new to billing. We take the time to make sure every detail is covered and that the startup is as smooth as possible.

Do we need to have an ordinance in place to bill?Absolutely not... However, in some cases ordinances do help.

We don't currently have an ordinance. Can SFRS help us with one?We have many examples of ordinances that we would be happy to share with you.

How much of a time commitment is required on our part? Very little time on your part is involved. You already work hard enough on the scene, you shouldn�t have to work hard behind the scenes. Let us do the work for you!

Can we bill just insurance companies and not send bills to individuals? Yes, we have several departments that only bill insurance companies.

Can we bill individuals if insurance companies deny the initial claim?Yes, once again, we have several departments that peruse claims beyond insurance companies. (MOSTLY TRANSIENTS)

Can we still bill if we are funded by our municipality, county or ESD? Yes, very few departments are 100% funded by their municipality. Also, keep in mind that many insurance companies have clauses built into their policies to cover fire department responses whether it is a fully funded city department or a volunteer department.

Do we have to re-do our incident reports? In most cases, no. If your current report does not have all the information needed, we provide secondary form or can draft a new report for you.

How can we submit reports?There are several options for report submission including mail, email, fax or online submission.

Can we set up a meeting with a representative from SFRS?We truly enjoy meeting with departments. We do request at least 3 interested departments in your area in order to set up a physical meeting.  We can do a one on one Zoom Meeting or Conference Call with you and/or your department.

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